industrial leather chair brown from rockett st george
industrial leather chair brown from rockett st george

This industrial leather chair is one of my favourites. And also, apparently yours as the stockist, our friends at Rockett St George find it hard to buy enough of them. But I wanted to show them to you today for one particular reason.

We have become so used to buying online and, very often these days, have to trust the internet for large pieces of furniture like sofas, as companies strive to keep costs down by doing away with showrooms altogether. Now I do understand that and it’s great to “cut out the middleman” and “pass the savings on” and all that, but sometimes, particularly when it comes to a chair, you need to sit on it. You really do.

industrial leather chairs
industrial leather chairs

Sometimes a chair that looks amazing just isn’t very comfortable (I’m looking at you Kartell Masters, which I have recommended before and have yet to find anyone who finds it a joy to sit on). And, while I can be as guilty as the next person of succombing to a drop of style over substance, you just can’t do it with a chair. Especially when you might need to park your behind on said chair for several hours at a time. Either because you throw such delightful dinner parties that no-one ever leaves, or because it doubles up as an office chair.

But help is at hand. Well a little help anyway, as last week Rockett St George launched its very first pop up store at Liberty. So when I went in to drink cocktails investigate last week the first thing I did (well second if you’re counting the cocktail) was to sit in the bar stool version of this chair – well it seemed appropriate somehow.

black industrial leather chair
black industrial leather chair

And I can officially report that it is fantastically comfortable. I can also tell you that Jane Rockett herself has these chairs round her own kitchen table and just think of all the chairs she could have. Exactly. What more do you need. It’s £130, She likes ’em. I like ’em and now you can go and see them IN REAL LIFE and see if you like ’em too. Winning.

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  1. totally love these chairs

    i bought 2 of these for a client but as a bar stool version and i can totally second that comment re comfort. The shape of a the actual seat is quite sculptured and kind of cocoon’s your bottom ! which makes it so comfy. they are looking to get a 3rd one now they are so pleased. my client’s were slightly worried about buying a chair they had not sat in but i reassured them that Rockett, as like so other on line retailers, have a good returns policy which is always worth bearing in mind should you worry.

  2. Good Morning,
    I wonder if you have had any experience of the company VOGA?
    I ordered an egg chair replica from them in May and was told by the shipping company ,about 5 weeks ago that due to a law change on replica furniture coming into the country i would have to pay 134 euros extra for delivery. Voga has offered to refund this ammount, but still waiting for that to happen. I asked for a full refund, but was told that isnt possible.
    I just wondered with all your experience with such companies if you could advise me on the best way to resolve this issue?
    Many thanks
    GillJ K

    1. Oh Gill, I’m sorry to hear that. I’m afraid I have only had a single experience with buying a replica and it was a bad one – I wrote about it here so I can’t help you. I was aware that the law had changed but wasn’t sure how it would affect orders that were already in place. I can only suggest you keep hassling them and become a nuisance until they are so annoyed it’s easier to deal with you than ignore you. I’m sure they should return your money but that’s quite a different matter from them actually doing so. I do wish you the very best of luck. And next time – come to me and I will source you a fabulous chair made by a fabulous designer that isn’t a copy.

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