Objects of Design #137: Metallic Kitchen Accessories

metallic kitchenware
metallic kitchenware: clockwise from top copper and glass storage jar, brass trivets, medium storage jar and brass knife holder

Metallics has been a strong trend for a while now but it has mainly centred around wallpapers and lights, with little opportunity to bring it into the kitchen, which has remained resolutely chrome or stainless steel for years.

So here is a collection of copper and brass accessories including these fab storage jars with copper lids which, at £7.50, won’t break the bank. The knife holder might (£220) but it’s a rather beautiful object and very unusual so it deserves a mention too.

One day, when I win the lottery, I shall have a copper sink and copper taps, which with their soft pinkiness will look fabulous with the pale grey walls and charcoal shelving of my kitchen. Until then, it’s a set of storage jars for under 30 quid.

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