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The Top Trend Predictions 2013

1st January 2013
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Trends are funny old things as half of you will look at what is predicted and instantly decide to go the other way and the other half will hate it on sight and then discover about two years later they have quietly been going in that direction anyway.

But here are five of the strongest trend predictions anyway. Let me know which ones you like.

First up from www.bgdltd.com is transparency. They say: “Experimenting with transparent materials and glassworks is looking to be a very interesting and fun trend. [From something] as small as table decor to [something] as large as a transparent coffee table, adding some transparency to your home can look as modern or as traditional as you wish. You can play around with objects, filling them with different materials and changing it around as often as you like.”

This is one trend, I could definitely adopt. It will instantly declutter the space and make it appear lighter and emptier and I love the idea of filling a transparent trunk with different objects as the mood takes you.

transparency" a key trend for 2013

transparency” a key trend for 2013

Here’s one:

from https://www.haminteriors.com/product-details/415/Handmade-Clear-Acrylic-Trunk-Coffee-Table cost £1,850

from:  www.haminteriors.com www  price: £1,850

French furniture store Gautier says that 2012 was all about colour and brightness and predicts that the trends for 2013 will bring a return to nature with a desire for more natural materials. But this look will be modernised by the contrast between the textures, so wood will mix with steel, glass and plastic for a really contemporary look.

Adulis coffee table from gautier.co.uk £519

Adulis coffee table from gautier.co.uk £519

How about this coffee table in wood and nickel which can be arranged in different formats or in different places according to your needs?

porada puzzle table from www.macandmacinteriors.co.uk £1,202

porada puzzle table from www.macandmacinteriors.co.uk £1,202

or you can arrange it this way

or you can arrange it this way

Brass is another material that was much in evidence at the London Design Festival last September. Warmer than silver and less bling than gold, brass and copper are softer materials that fit well with the more restrained trend.

Check out Tom Dixon’s gorgeous scented candles in brass holders.

Tom Dixon has a range of brass accessories

Tom Dixon has a range of brass accessories: these candle holders are from Selfridges

And the colour? Well Dulux are predicting that the colour of the year will be indigo. A shade that ranges from deep purple hues to a more sophisticated navy. Team it with coral or white for a really smart look.

Dulux says 2013 will be indigo

Dulux says 2013 will be indigo

And if you want to know how they came up with this, here’s Dulux colour expert, Sonica Bucksteg who said: “The rise of social media has meant that modern life is all about connections in this global village we all call home and, while we all strive to remain connected through our computers, cellphones and tablets, we also need to disconnect from the ‘noise’ once in a while to recharge and rejuvenate our souls. The colour of the year for 2013 has been selected to act as a visual Band-Aid to our hectic lives, which is why a regal, tranquil and honest indigo, which is easy to live with, is the defining shade for next year.

“Indigo is a versatile hue that pairs well with brights, citrus colours and warmer neutrals, as well as other blues, purples and greens.”

indigo is both restful and sophisticated

indigo is both restful and sophisticated

Finally don’t forget that where the catwalks lead, the cushions will follow. Remember this autumn’s trend for owls and foxes? Well this time it’s all about stripes. You can be nautical or monochrome, paint your walls or stick to the cushions.

image from amberinteriordesign.blogspot.com

image from amberinteriordesign.blogspot.com

So there you have it: the top five trends for 2013 are transparency, mixing natural materials such as wood and glass, soft metallics such as copper and brass with rich indigo shades and stripes for fun. Which ones will you go for?  To read more on these trends hit the links below.

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