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Objects Of Design #308: Large Rattan Basket

2nd January 2013
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a large rattan basket makes tidying up easier

a large rattan basket makes tidying up easier

One of the key elements in a domestic detox is finding a place for everything. There’s nothing worse than piles of stuff lying around on every surface which means you can’t find anything you actually need or want in a hurry. You don’t need to have masses amounts of space and storage, but you do need to have a home for everything because if it’s easy to put away it’s easy to find again. And I know that sounds a bit preachy but having spent six years in our last house just shoving everything into cupboards and being attacked by bits of plastic tat and random pieces of kitchen equipment every time I opened the cupboard, I know what I’m talking about.

Be strong. If you don’t use it or like it chuck it out. If you do, then find a home for it that doesn’t involve balancing on one leg on a stool and holding the cupboard open with your chin while you try and shove it in with one spare hand (the other being used to hold onto the wall for balance).

This basket is a great idea for a quick room tidy. Throw everything in and then carry it to each destination unloading the relevant items to the relevant person’s door. Works for toys, laundry, shoes and anything else that’s lying around. Even the dog.





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