A House Tour of the Private Home of Piero Fornasetti

Hello everyone, firstly can I thank all of you who have followed me over to the new house on Substack either as a free or paid subscriber. I’m dropping in here to let you know that my first post will be going live this morning. I won’t be writing on here every time there is a new post but as it’s all still new I wanted to give everyone time to catch up.

On our recent design trip to Milan with 24 podcast listeners, I was able to wangle an invite for us all to tour the private home of one of Italy’s most prolific designers Piero Fornasetti. Fornasetti has long been a design hero of mine thanks, not just to his style, but also for the wit in all his designs.

To read the post and take a virtual tour of the house click here and, of course, paid subscribers have access to my archive which has been moved over there.


Kate Watson-Smyth

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