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Mad About … Metallics

3rd December 2012
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The trend for metallics shows no sign of abating. We’re wearing them, we’re decorating with them and they still look as gorgeous as ever.  I’ve been in love with metallics for ages: my kitchen has a tin ceiling and my bathroom has metallic silver tiles behind the basin. I’ve also got a pair of metallic gold brogues but that is possibly another story. Anyway, for that reason, this week, we are mostly mad about metallics.

metallic kitchen cupboards
from Elle Decor via Pinterest

This slightly distressed metallic wallpaper works brilliantly with the industrial look furniture and accessorising.

metallic walls from Pinterest

Regular readers will know I have a metallic tin ceiling in my kitchen so here’s a different one.

from desiretoinspire.net via Pinterest

Or this is a very industrial version of a metal ceiling. It’s corrugated tin but it works with the styling of the room.

corrugated tin ceiling from greenlikebathwater.tumblr.com

What about this rather fabulous metallic table, which really brings the room alive.

hammered metal table
image from homebunch.com

Or perhaps you should keep the walls matt and just for go for a shiny metallic bath

image from everythingfab.com

Or what about this one?



So now for the shopping part. Where can you get some gorgeous metallics?

I have featured the work of Antiques by Design before in a post on lighting but how about this gorgeous hall console table made from French church railings?

Church railing hall console £1,195 from Antiques  By Design

Or what about this Moroccan tray table?

silver tray with metal legs from maroque.co.uk £260

I love this brass stool.

Brass frette stool from Lombok £195

Tom Dixon’s Copper light is very familiar now (although no less beautiful) but he has just added these distressed metal lights to his range.

Tom Dixon’s Lustre Lamps

The pineapple is one of my favourite motifs so to find it in metallics is a joyous thing indeed

silver glass pineapple storage jar £20 from Rockett St George

This metal stool from Bodie and Fou is perfect for an extra guest or as a little table for someone who needs to rest a drink.

Choose from gold, copper or silver finish for this industrial stool from House Doctor DK £120


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  • Christine 5th August 2013 at 3:50 am

    Great metallic picks– you know I love *your* kitchen ceiling, but the one pictured here (full-length of the room) is beautiful too! And those tubs paired with the antique-venetian style mirrors [which I’m a huge fan of] are amazing.

  • Lesley Carr 4th December 2012 at 10:09 am

    We love good quality metals! They can be so tactile and sleek. My favourites are the three aluminium finishes from bulthaup – especially bronze aluminium. No one else does it!

    Some examples are on our Flickr site https://flic.kr/s/aHsjD5AfLu

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