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Objects Of Design #73: LED Solar Tree Lights

12th May 2012
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outdoor lighting without the expense of wiring

If you’ve ever wanted outdoor lighting but baulked at the price then here’s the solution. This string of 60 environmentally friendly LED pea lights will come on automatically at dusk and last for eight hours (which is some party in the summer). Perfect for winding round trees or shrubs or the fencing round a balcony or roof terrace. That black thing sticking out of the pot is the solar panel which charges them so don’t stick it next to a porch light as it won’t work then. Comes with the requisite AA rechargeable battery. Now all you have to do is imagine a string of them through all the plants.

I can also add that this is a very good price. I installed fairy lights in my last garden and each string cost about this much with only 30 bulbs and I had to pay for the installation of the electric cable as well. This way you don’t even have to remember to turn them off when you go inside.

www.coxandcox.co.uk £40


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