weather resistant

Objects Of Design #84: Blooma Java Garden Set

    If you're going to have a long lazy lunch, you've got to have comfortable chairs. These are perfect for dining and lounging with "just one more glass then" and as they are rattan-effect they are also weather resistant, which is turning out to be a rather vital requirement this year. It's perfect for

Objects Of Design #77: Flux Chair

  If space is at a premium, either indoors or out, then these delightful chairs might just be the answer. Designed by Douwe Jacobs, they transform from a flat envelope with a handle into a chair. Yes, that's right, chair. And it's a pretty comfy one too. And before you ask it can take up

Objects Of Design #64: Dining Set

Right, so we're all agreed that grey is the most modern of the neutrals and this Falster aluminium set with a powder coating will look great in any garden. Dress it up with acid bright cushions or tableware or keep it Scandi simple with black and white accessories. This set includes the two chairs and