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Objects Of Design #100: Illusion End Table

8th June 2012
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Now you see it . . .

We made it. This is the 100th Object of Design (only another 265 to go . . .) so we thought we’d celebrate by showing you something incredibly expensive that you can barely see. Well, yes that is what you’re thinking isn’t it? Made from crystal clear lucite it’s one way to make sure you don’t shove all your clutter in it any old how. My son would probably keep it completely empty apart from a solitary Lego model, which isn’t a bad idea, if pricey for a display cabinet. Anyway do with it what you will, the rope handles are the only giveaway that it’s there, so if Granny’s on her way round, do tuck it away in a corner so the poor dear doesn’t fall over the damn thing.

www.anthropologie.eu £698

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