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Objects Of Design #95: Reclaimed Ladder

3rd June 2012
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Use it as storage or to reach the storage

Oh the joys of an old wooden ladder. I have, several times, had to be restrained from nicking paint-stained wooden ladder from various builders I have known. I wanted a ladder to slide along my kitchen shelves but it turned out the units were in the way. Then I wanted a ladder to reach my bookshelves but it turned out they weren’t really high enough to warrant one. I’ll settle for this one in the bathroom with towels on. But you could also use to to reach high shelves that you don’t need to access very often. Or, even better this one, how about draping last night’s clothes over them rather than leaving them lying all over the floor? A must for every teenage bedroom in that case.

These are made from reclaimed wood from old Colonial and Indian houses.

www.carolinemcgrath.co.uk £99

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