Objects Of Design #108: E15 Martha Coat Rack

Portable Coat Rack Made from 3cm of solid wood that simply leans against the wall, the genius of this coat rack is its portability. If you have a party and lots of guests have coats, you can simply move this into a spare room and pile the coats on to it rather than cluttering up

Objects Of Design #95: Reclaimed Ladder

  Oh the joys of an old wooden ladder. I have, several times, had to be restrained from nicking paint-stained wooden ladder from various builders I have known. I wanted a ladder to slide along my kitchen shelves but it turned out the units were in the way. Then I wanted a ladder to reach

Objects Of Design #72: Sauna Chair

  Every good garden needs a deckchair and this is a different take on the traditional stripes. The wooden slats are held in place by webbing so it's just as comfortable and, probably, just as difficult to get out of once you've sat down. Still, that doesn't concern us here. Folds flat, doesn't take up