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Objects Of Design #108: E15 Martha Coat Rack

16th June 2012
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Portable Coat Rack

Made from 3cm of solid wood that simply leans against the wall, the genius of this coat rack is its portability. If you have a party and lots of guests have coats, you can simply move this into a spare room and pile the coats on to it rather than cluttering up the hall. It will go in the bathroom for towels, in the bedroom for last night’s clothes or just, as it was originally intended, in your own hall for your own family’s coats and nothing more. Great for a rented property where the landlady won’t let you put hooks in the walls. Yes, I mean you Mrs M, you know who you are.

And, since we are writing about objects of design not objects of practicality, I should also point out the rather attractive feather effect created by the notches. I like it. I’d buy it.

www.nest.co.uk £600

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