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Objects Of Design #107: M3 Seat/Storage

15th June 2012
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Storage space is at a premium for most of us, not least because we seem be incapable of not buying more stuff, which means we need more places to put it, which means we need to buy more  . . . well you get the picture. I once read of a woman who decided at the age of 40 not to buy any more clothes as she reasoned she was unlikely to wear her existing wardrobe out before shuffling off this mortal coil. There’s something to think about. Anyway, this is a thought. Made from birch ply, it would be handy item in a hall. The children can put their shoes in it and then sit on the box while they put them on.

Comes in a variety of colours and patterns.

www.finnishdesignshop.com €165

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