Kabino Sideboard by Simon Legald

grey sideboard by Simon Legald from Caroline McGrath
grey sideboard by Simon Legald from Caroline McGrath

While hunting for the new sofa (see yesterday’s post) I came across a designer called Simon Legald who has made the very beautiful Onkel sofa for Normann Copenhagen (my husband pulled the old “it won’t fit trick on that one as well).

But I also found this sideboard. The doors are made from lacquered aluminium and apart from the fact that the perforated one reminds me of peg board, which is having a bit of a fashion moment, it also means that you can store the music paraphernalia in there and still control it with the remote. Clever isn’t it?

kabino for Normann Copenhagenkabino for Normann Copenhagen
kabino for Normann Copenhagen

I seem to be constantly asked what people can stand the telly on as, let’s face, it most of us don’t like those ugly black media units that are the most obvious solution. Mine is fixed to the wall which, on the one hand is great, but on the other useless as a) there’s no where the put the DVDs, sky box and all that stuff and b) having made a reasonably tidy pile on the floor they don’t hide all the wires trailing down. In the end we put a vintage trolley there so the telly looks like it’s floating above it and all the junk is stored on it with the wires hidden by the pile of stuff. It’s not perfect but, as I hadn’t found this when I did it, it was fine at the time.

But this might be the solution. It’s 61cm high by 42cm deep and 114cm wide. At least you could fix the television above like I have and put this underneath with everything in it. It comes in grey or white and costs £700. A lot I know, but if you watch television you will be looking at the space a lot and wanting something good to go in it.


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