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Fusion Sofa from BoConcept

3rd May 2014
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madison sofa from boconcept

grey madison sofa from boconcept

The hunt for the new sofa continues and, while I wouldn’t say it was exactly say it was continuing apace, it is meandering on. Mainly I find stunning sofas that are either terribly uncomfortable but screamingly stylish, or would mean selling the house to pay for (thus negating the need for a sofa at all) while my husband ignores me or puts his fingers in his ears and sings loudly. Sometimes he does that when I’m not even talking about sofas but that’s another story.

We’d nearly nailed it and made a time to go to the showroom and everything and then I found another one which I completely love. And he loves it less than the one we had agreed on. And then he pulled a dirty trick on me: “It won’t fit,” he said.

That’s a low blow. An argument about style, shape, material and colour I can totally handle. To be floored by something as practical as centimetres is another thing entirely. My turn to put my fingers in my ears and whistle tunelessly.

Anyway, while hunting for the third way; the neutral sofa than can slide down the middle and win the race, I found this. This isn’t it, by the way. It looks gorgeous doesn’t it but it’s not for a one sofa household. This is not a sofa you can spend your Saturday night on. Not while watching a trashy film and drinking a bucket of red wine anyway.

This is for a two, or even three sofa household. One where there’s a sofa in the hall. Or perhaps in the bedroom. It would look fabulous with a cashmere scarf draped casually over one end. Or as a backdrop to a pair of discarded Jimmy Choos…

It’s the Fusion sofa from BoConcept. And in many ways I wish I did live in a two sofa house because prices start at £1,695, which is a fantastic price you have to admit. Stick another grand on (well £800) for the grey option in the top picture or £2,952 for the white leather version which, I know in principle should be horrid, but somehow in that sleek Scandi style looks rather gorgeous.

But if you, like me, have room for only one sofa then here are some rather fabulous cushions starting at £39. I love the top one and whichever sofa we get in the end, that will be sitting on it. At my end.



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  • Ellie 17th August 2016 at 4:18 pm

    I have to say I love BoConcept furniture, even though this piece may not be entirely practical! But every time I walk past the store, I can’t help but go in!

  • Lesley Anne Kinney 3rd May 2014 at 8:58 am

    You’re right, that’s definitely a sofa you have, “just for show”!! It is gorgeous, I love it However,! I always feel, looking at that style of sofa, that I get out my tools and make it myself!!!!

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