365 Objects Of Design, Volume II

Objects of Design #362: Danish Lighting

26th February 2014
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copper orient pendant light from lightyears

copper orient pendant light from lightyears

I came across this Danish lighting company a couple of weeks ago and loved their products. They create modern interpretations of classic lamps which are as functional and sleekly beautiful as you would expect.

The lamps above and below are part of the Caravaggio collection designed by Cecile Manz. Made from metal and available in various monochrome colours, the shade is deep which means that there will be no glare from the bulb no matter how high it is hung.


matt grey caravaggio pendant light

There is also a gap at the top which allows some light to float upwards adding an ambient glow to the room. It was named Caravaggio after the Italian Baroque painter famed for his contrasts between light and shadow.


grey metal pendant light from lightyears via funktionalley.com

But it is this light below that is my favourite. The Concert was designed by Jørn Utzon who used several different shades and strengthened the design with upward illumination from the lamp.


white metal pendant light concert p1

The lights are all available from funktionalley, which was set up in Sweden in 2006 to help up and coming designers launch in the UK as well as offering classic Scandinavian design such as the String shelving system.


white metal pendant light concert p3 by Lightyears


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  • Lorraine 26th February 2014 at 6:35 pm

    Beautiful – love the Caravaggio

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