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It seems we’re having a bit of a lighting theme this week, but I’ve known about this one for a while and had to wait until it was launched before I could show you. It’s from Lane by Post, those clever people who made that pleated pendant light painted in two shades of Little Greene Paint? Don’t remember? I’ll show you at the end. We’re doing this first.

Beam is a table lamp made from 32 paper fins that are bonded together to create this wonderfully tactile shape. It will ultimately be available in different shapes and sizes but for now it’s 43.5cm x 19.5 at the bottom and 34cm at the top (if you’re thinking of standing it in an alcove or on a shelf you can plan that now) and costs £120.

Lane Beam Black Context Low Res 3

“The interplay of light and shadow from the fins creates the impression of glowing, transparent colours,” said Joff Casciani, one of the two creative directors of Lane, while Oliver Wood, the other creative director, says: “We want to make beautiful products that are an investment in the craftspeople and communities around us. In a world of cheap imports, we think this is the future of British design.”

Lane Beam Pale Grey Context Low Res

Colours include this gorgeous inky black, which is the one I would have, as well as grey and yellow, blue and a different yellow and white and grey. Each piece of fin is made from 4 sheets of paper bonded together and the paper is made at one of the oldest paper mills in the country in Cumbria.

Lane Beam Black Context Low Res 2

The black one would work in any interior scheme and might just be the single all-important drop of black that you need. Here’s a view of it from the top too. Imagine the shadows that’s going to throw on the ceiling….

Lane Beam Above Low Res

And, as promised, here’s the pendant light which comes in several colour combinations but here are two of my favourites: light peachblossom with carmine interior and black with china white. You could also put this onto any table light base you already had, if you didn’t fancy the Beam. The two go quite well together as they’re similar but not too matchy matchy and you could have the black Beam and then echo the black in a pendant light with a contrasting interior. These ones are £65 by the way.

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 13.33.47

So which colours would you choose?

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