365 Objects Of Design, Volume II

Objects of Design #363: Storage Stool Magazine

27th February 2014
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use old magazines to make a stool like this one from hockenheimer

use old magazines to make a stool like this one from njsutdio.com

Now I don’t know about you, but my house is being taken over by magazines. And not even gradually. There is a pile of half-artfully half out of control on the coffee table. There is a (growing) stack under the coffee table. By the bed. On the empty chair at the end of the kitchen table. In the bathroom. The downstairs loo. I’m running out of prepositions and there are still magazines in places I haven’t listed.

When we built the *ahem* library. It was supposed to have so many shelves that I would store all the books, all the board games and all the magazines. Pah! You can see from the image below that the books are already lying across the top of the shelves and there’s no more space. At least I own a kindle.

library madaboutthehouse.com

library madaboutthehouse.com image by houseoflocations

So, anyway, what to do about it all? And no I can’t throw them all away. What do you mean stop buying them? I can’t do that either. Seems like there’s only solution. Turn them into furniture. Yes you read right. The Hockenheimer storage stool magazine comes with a base, and two leather straps and it’s extendable so you can keep on building until it’s a bar stool. Or a table. It costs £106 for a magazine-sized base and £119 for a newspaper version.

It has to be said I can totally see the potential for a DIY version here and I did find this which will give you instructions.

DIY magazine stool by whimzeecal

DIY magazine stool by whimzeecal

But if you’re not especially DIY (and let’s be honest it’s going to cost a bit to get two leather belts as good as those) then there are a couple of other options. This Dowel stool was originally made with wooden posts in the box – a high density foam pad in the base allows them to move as you sit so it’s not as uncomfortable as you might think.

dowell stool made from magazines by organelle design

dowell stool made from magazines by organelle design

It was customised to feature rolled up magazines for an exhibition at the Chelsea Art Gallery, in New York in 2011.

Or there’s this:

stack chair magazine storage decal by Florian Kremb from bouf.com

stack chair magazine storage decal by Florian Kremb from bouf.com

It’s a wall sticker, or decal, and you can just pile the magazines up in front and perch on top. It might benefit from a strap of some sort but you can probably use one of those suitcase ones. This, in my opinion, is the only time it’s acceptable to colour co-ordinate books/magazines by the colour of their spine. Imagine a pile of yellow National Geographics for example. Or stripes made from different colours. In fact, this is the only time it would actively upset me to have a random pile as in the picture above.

lost in sofa by huzi design

lost in sofa $2,900 by huzi design

Finally what about this Japanese design. A comfy chair with slots that you can just shove books and magazines (and apparently flowers into).

So there you go. Magazine storage. Done.

Sort of.





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