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Objects Of Design #337: Raven Wing Jewellery Storage

31st January 2013
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turn your jewellery into a display as well as making it tidy

turn your jewellery into a display as well as making it tidy

We finish this month of domestic detox and storage ideas with this beautiful sculpture from Icelandic designer Thorunn Arnadottir. Designed to look like the feathers of a bird, the Raven, which is a common figure in Norse mythology, makes the perfect place to store your bracelets and necklaces. Even rings will fit on the end of some of the wings. And, should you decide to wear everything all at once, it still makes a beautiful wall hanging.

And, as Thorunn herself says on her site: “The raven collects all sorts of shiny objects” so it’s perfect for this.

It’s made from a black coated steel wire frame and was exhibited at Interiors UK, in Birmingham, earlier this month.

Let’s hope it will be on sale soon




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  • Devika Khosla 31st January 2013 at 10:05 am

    Perfect objet d’art…and love the concept of the designer, the Raven collects shiny objects!

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