365 Objects Of Design, In the detail, Volume II

Objects of Design #32: Du Verre Handles

1st April 2013
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Viva Italia Du Verre handles

Viva Italia Du Verre handles

When it comes to the details, the subject of this month’s Objects of Designs, you should never overlook the handles. A very wise man once told me (and sadly I am not wise enough to remember his name) that you can get away with lower quality on the larger items if you pay close attention to all the bits that people will touch. Which makes handles pretty important. And light switches and all that sort of thing. And a wise woman, whose name I do remember, Sally Storey, the design director of John Cullen Lighting also once told me that large parts of her house were furnished with Ikea. The point being that you can get away with cheap furniture if you have fabulous lighting.

Handles by Du Verre

Handles by Du Verre

So there you have two very important lessons already and, depending on where you’re reading this, it’s not even time for breakfast yet. Which puts me in mind of Alice in Wonderland , our third wise person of the day, who said: “Sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

More handles from Du Verre

More handles from Du Verre

Anyway, before this post gets too surreal, these handles are made from recycled aluminium, making them an environmentally friendly choice and each one is finished by hand.

Remember, people, it’s all in the detail.


Last year’s Finishing Touch for 1 April was this ribbon coat rack





Du Verre was one of the sponsors of the Modenus Blog Tour along with MieleBlancoPoggenpohl and Silestone for kitchens. For bathrooms, sponsorship was provided by V+A Baths  and Mr Steam as well as Jenn Air and Barber Wilsons. With thanks to them all. 



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