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Objects Of Design #339: Picture Frame Pillowcase

2nd February 2013
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cotton pillowcase made Portugal

cotton pillowcase made Portugal

I don’t normally hold with comedy bed linen. All that Mr and Mrs stuff is a bit of a cliche now but I do like this. It’s  slightly more subtle than the usual nudge nudge wink wink line and, frankly, I rather like the idea that I can be a beautifully framed portrait as I sleep. Even if I am not sleeping beautifully.

But,  joking aside, this is good quality gear as well. It’s 100 per cent Egyptian cotton, has a  200 thread count and, as you know I do love a bit of monochrome.

The company – Product of Your Environment – was set up in 2006 by designer Rebecca Chitty. Her products, which take ordinary objects and add a twist, are now sold in both the Hayward Gallery and Tate Modern. Check out the website, there’s lots of quirky fun things to see.



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