New Releases: Interior Design Books

A new season means  new book releases and October is a big month for publishers - the first Thursday of the month is known as Super Thursday when hundreds of books are released at the same time in a bid to hit the Christmas market. This year, on the 3rd, there were 426 hardbacks published,

Objects Of Design #339: Picture Frame Pillowcase

cotton pillowcase made Portugal I don't normally hold with comedy bed linen. All that Mr and Mrs stuff is a bit of a cliche now but I do like this. It's  slightly more subtle than the usual nudge nudge wink wink line and, frankly, I rather like the idea that I can be a beautifully

Objects Of Design #338: Flannel Bedding

Cosy nights: flannel bedding There was a bit of a twitterstorm a couple of weeks ago when it first emerged that flannel bedding has made a comeback. A press release from Debenhams said that sales of the traditional sheets, probably last popular in WWII, are soaring. They put it down to the rising cost of

Objects Of Design #335: Underbed

Stylish underbed storage from Habitat Most underbed storage is purely functional and while this series is about practicality, it has also tried to focus on objects that are pleasing to look at just as much as being well-designed. So, for that that reason, I had imagined that I would be ignoring things that go under

Objects Of Design #332: Laundry Bag

see through laundry bag It looks like a brown paper bag but it's actually made from recycled water resistant plastic. It's a clever idea for a laundry bag as it enables you to see at a glance whether you've got enough for a full white wash or if the darker colours are winning out. But,