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Objects Of Design #335: Underbed

29th January 2013
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Stylish underbed storage from Habitat

Stylish underbed storage from Habitat

Most underbed storage is purely functional and while this series is about practicality, it has also tried to focus on objects that are pleasing to look at just as much as being well-designed. So, for that that reason, I had imagined that I would be ignoring things that go under the bed as being not worthy of appearing in Objects of Design, which is, after all, about the marriage between form and function and not just function alone.

Then I saw this. The wheels mean it can slide easily out from under the bed, which is more useful than you might imagine as I nearly gave myself a hernia trying to pull my white plastic boxes out the other day. And, said white plastic boxes have no handles either, so there are broken nails to add insult to injury.

Habitat’s Underbed has a strong nylon handle for ease of grabbing. It’s made from ash: try getting in there moths, and comes in two sizes.

You could even paint it and use it as a bedside table. Underbed storage, with style. Done.






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