Cotton Bedlinen and Throws

Bedding in the Mad House has always been, er, the opposite of mad. Rather restrained in fact. A series of white cotton or linen duvet covers and sheets with, occasionally, a slight pattern also in white. A gentle check that might vary in size but never in colour. There may once have been a white

Objects Of Design #339: Picture Frame Pillowcase

cotton pillowcase made Portugal I don't normally hold with comedy bed linen. All that Mr and Mrs stuff is a bit of a cliche now but I do like this. It's  slightly more subtle than the usual nudge nudge wink wink line and, frankly, I rather like the idea that I can be a beautifully

Objects Of Design #338: Flannel Bedding

Cosy nights: flannel bedding There was a bit of a twitterstorm a couple of weeks ago when it first emerged that flannel bedding has made a comeback. A press release from Debenhams said that sales of the traditional sheets, probably last popular in WWII, are soaring. They put it down to the rising cost of