Cotton Bedlinen and Throws

striped sheets from toast

Bedding in the Mad House has always been, er, the opposite of mad. Rather restrained in fact. A series of white cotton or linen duvet covers and sheets with, occasionally, a slight pattern also in white. A gentle check that might vary in size but never in colour. There may once have been a white stripe. On a white background but that was as racy as it’s ever been.

throws from toast

Recently though I have found myself looking at bedlinen in, well there’s no other way to say this, colours. I find a slight yearning for a pop of pink, a hint of navy and, heavens, a sprinkle of pattern. I don’t know what’s come over me. Himself will probably leave home if I buy any.

I foresee months of protracted negotiations. In fact I’ll tell you exactly what will happen. There will eventually be a complete bedroom redecoration; new wallpaper, paint, possibly even a new bed. But the sheets will remain the same.

toast pink bedlinen

So here, for the rest of you, is some beautiful bedlinen from Toast.

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  1. I personally love the pattern on the bed linen, the bolder the better, I always opposed the plain white linen (as well as white towels) due to the practical reasons – smeared make up, mascara, dog’s muddy paws… patterns and colours are more forgiving, so you should definitely go for it 🙂

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