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Save or Splurge Leather Armchair

11th June 2014

For the third installment of Boom/Bust I wanted to look at leather chairs. I have wanted a battered leather armchair for years but there never seemed to be enough money floating around when I saw the chair and on the rare occasions I could have found the money, I couldn’t find the chair.

leather armchairs

leather armchairs

In the meantime, I have slightly gone off the idea as it seemed that every boutique hotel and coffee bar had one so I conceded defeat and moved on with my life. No really, it was a big deal. I take my interiors very seriously, it can sometimes feel like that. I have, literally, never got over losing an ebay auction for a transparent Verner Panton limited edition stacking stool that I forgot to set a final bid for an it went for about three quid less than I was prepared to pay. That was five years ago, I still have the google alert in force. I have never found another one. It was limited edition. If the person who bought it is reading this …

Anyway, leather chairs. Having decided the battered gentleman’s club look was no longer what I wanted I then saw another with wooden arms. Perfect for resting that gin and tonic. So, now this is what I want. And in case you love them too, I have made them the subject of this weeks boom/bust.


Carl Hansen Leather Safari Chair from Aram £1,475

Leather safari chair by Kaare Klimt for Carl Hansen from Aram

Leather safari chair by Kaare Klimt for Carl Hansen from Aram


Karl Leather Armchair from Oka Direct £995

Leather chair chrome arms Karl Chair from Oka Direct

leather armchair from okadirect


Leather Slingback from French Connection Home £350

leather slingback chair from French connection home.jpg

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