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Save or Splurge: Trestle Tables

18th December 2014
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One day I shall have a desk. Never mind my prince coming, or that knight in shining armour. I don’t need either of them turning up, shaking the mud off their spurs all over the white floor, and needing somewhere to park the horse. No, just send me a desk.

Actually, while I think about it, perhaps a room to put it in. A room, to coin a phrase, of my own. I know I’m not short of rooms in this house but a) there are often other people in them which leads me to b) I’m an only child I have trouble with that sh… sha…. sharing *winces* word and c) it’s my blog, full of my fantasy shopping ideas so I’ll fantasise about my loft studio all I like.

farm trestle by thelermont hupton

the farm trestle £285 for one trestle, top not included by thelermont hupton from lifestylebazaar

In fact there is a space where I could put a desk but it would have to be a reasonably small one and the reason I haven’t is because working at the kitchen table does give me lots of space and a wonderful view. Not to mention good access to the fridge – essential for all freelancers.

trestle table from loaf.com

zinc top trestle £440 from loaf.com 

Anyway, I thought I would look at trestle tables for this week’s episode of boom/bust. They’re practical, they needn’t take up much space and you can change the top of them should you feel inclined. I have always rather fancied using an old door, perhaps with a sheet of glass over the top to smooth it off, but that isn’t vital. As long as there’s room for a laptop in one panel and the notebook in the other, that would probably do. A flat desk? How very old fashioned.

trestle table from graham and green

natural trestle table £295 from graham and green

So here are a few examples, details in the picture captions. Now, I must dash; the knight’s back from work…

vintage trestle table from the mintlist.com

vintage trestle table £280  from themintlist.com





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