save or splurge

Save or Splurge: Trestle Tables

trestle table from graham and green
One day I shall have a desk. Never mind my prince coming, or that knight in shining armour. I don't need either of them turning up, shaking the mud off their spurs all over the white floor, and needing somewhere to park the horse. No, just send me a desk. Actually, while I think about

Save or Splurge: Brass Pendant Light

brass pendant lights Welcome to a new category in the Mad House. While I'm aware that you are all mad about design, I know that everyone's budget differs wildly. As do priorities. Some of you will spend a lot of a light but would rather economise on the carpet. Some of you want an Ikea

Save or Splurge: Copper Ceiling Lights For All Budgets

copper ceiling lights
copper ceiling lights Copper is still very much the metal of the moment and, while I am often in raptures over its yellow cousin brass, I am fond of a bit of copper too. It looks great with all that charcoal grey paint after all. So, for this week's Boom/Bust I thought it was time

Save or Splurge Leather Armchair

Leather chair chrome arms Karl Chair from Oka Direct
For the third installment of Boom/Bust I wanted to look at leather chairs. I have wanted a battered leather armchair for years but there never seemed to be enough money floating around when I saw the chair and on the rare occasions I could have found the money, I couldn't find the chair. leather armchairs

Save or Splurge: Graphic Monochrome Rug

black and white rug from westelm.jpg
black and white rugs Week two of the new series: Boom/Bust and this week we are looking at monochrome rugs. Black and white is still a strong colour combination and will be a continuing trend next season. Of course for some it never went away no matter what the fashion forecasters say. The joy of