Samsung Serif TV

samsung serif tv red mini Last week I was one of a very select group (that's 10 and four of them are celebrities!) who was offered the chance to bring this new television into their home and photograph it. Some of you may recognise it; the Samsung Serif TV designed by the Bouroullec Brothers which

Save or Splurge: Trestle Tables

trestle table from graham and green
One day I shall have a desk. Never mind my prince coming, or that knight in shining armour. I don't need either of them turning up, shaking the mud off their spurs all over the white floor, and needing somewhere to park the horse. No, just send me a desk. Actually, while I think about

Wood and Brass Stool

brass lights by workstead and stool by another country There were so many wonderful things to see at Clerkenwell that I can't possibly talk about them all, but in addition to the candy coloured salvaged lights I wrote about the other day, another of my highlights was the stand at Another Country. They make my

Eight Of The Best Vintage Shops

As recyling and being eco-aware become ever more fashionable, it has become quite the thing to furnish our houses with what used, rather sniffily, to be called "second-hand furniture". These days, it's positively bragging to admit that you found that shabby-chic chair languishing in a neighbour's skip, or that your wobbly stool used to belong