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Objects Of Design #94: Raskog Kitchen Trolley

2nd June 2012
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Also comes in dark grey

With a name like that it can only come from one place. Yes, it’s that giant Swedish shop that is so well known for its fabulous prices and often great design. This trolley comes in this rather stunning shade of turquoise and would sit happily in either kitchen or bathroom depending on your needs. Or even in kid’s room filled with all the daily detritus that they can’t be bothered to put away, and, frankly, nor can you. My son has a much less attractive vegetable rack in his bedroom filled with paper, pens, string and all sorts of plastic tat that can’t seem to find a home elsewhere. I think I will buy him one of these and at least the plastic tat may look more attractive in its stylish new home.

www.ikea.com £49

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