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Monochrome Chairs by Florrie + Bill

2nd August 2015
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I’ve never been a great one for pattern but I am reliably informed (by people who know about such things) that pattern does very well when it comes to furniture. I find this both reassuring and baffling. I would have thought that everyone wanted to buy a plain chair and create a riot with the cushions.

Turns out I am wrong on this (make the most of that statement folks, I don’t say/admit it very often). Seems you love a patterned fabric on a chair and so, as we aim to please here in the Mad House, I give you this. The Flint collection from Florrie + Bill.

Even I can get behind this one. I’m imagining neon pink cushions, or a subtle olive green. Perhaps a splash of burnt orange or just the plain yellow chair next to it.  Yes, I think perhaps I could come over a bit pattern after all.

The Leicestershire-based company, which launched in 2012,  specialises in vintage and retro furniture restoration. They bring a modern twist to many of those timeless British classics, including the G-Plan, Ercol, Parker Knoll.

The company actively supports emerging UK textile designers where possible and their mission statement is: “to professionally restore tired and unloved vintage and retro chairs, with modern and exciting fabrics, to provide a new lease of life for future generations to enjoy.”

This Flint Flocktail is the sixth in the collection and the collaboration with Flock means that the fabric designer keeps their name on their design and receives a royalty for each metre of fabric sold.

And that is a business model I heartily approve of.

For more of Amy’s brilliant work at Florrie + Bill check the site but here’s a taster:

florrie and bill chair restored

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