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Normally at this time of year I would be heading off to Paris to visit the Maison e Objet trade show to see what looks the designers are predicting for the months and year ahead. Obviously in the current circumstances I’m barely allowed to the end of the road, never mind abroad so I have

Shop Vintage for Second Hand September

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We may already be halfway through the month but did you know it was second-hand September - an Oxfam campaign to ask people to shop secondhand for the whole month to prevent some of the 13 million clothing items that end up in landfill every week. Shall we pause and read that again. Thirteen.Million.Every.Week. Now

The most popular interior styles of 2020

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Now this dropped into my inbox a couple of days ago and I thought it might be fun to share; a round up of the top 20 interior design styles as evidenced by google searches so far this year. These things are often to be taken with a pinch of salt, not so much for

New Shop Discovery: Lovely and Company

After all that controversial celebrity designer stuff the other day, we're going back in time now to seek out few design classics. A bit of vintage. Every interior should have something vintage. Even if you prefer modern and contemporary, something old will ground the space and give it more character. This might be the place

Steel Desk

I spent years wanting a vintage steel desk. For a long time there was one in the window of our local antique/retro/junk shop but it cost around £1,800 and was way out of our budget. I think perhaps it was way out of anyone else's too as it was there for such a long time.

Monochrome Chairs by Florrie + Bill

photo by Holly Booth I've never been a great one for pattern but I am reliably informed (by people who know about such things) that pattern does very well when it comes to furniture. I find this both reassuring and baffling. I would have thought that everyone wanted to buy a plain chair and create

Coral and Bone: new lifestyle store

carved cows head and bird cage frm coral and bone
Now this is a good place for that Christmas shopping... grey candles, brass and glass, dusky pink glasses and copper plates from coral and bone Look what I have found. This new online store, which has only just opened, has a great collection of eclectic and funky stuff which, not only do I love, but

Reclaimed Tiles from Bert and May

vintage cement tiles
reclaimed tiles from bert and may I love patterned tiles and reclaimed and vintage are among the best. Now, obviously the tile you choose can be dictated by how many are in stock and how big an area you need to tile but, having said that, there is a certain vogue for patchwork tiles at

Industrial Round Metal Shelving Unit

industrial round metal unit
industrial round metal unit from vincent and barn This industrial round metal shelving unit can be wall-mounted or sit on the floor. It measures 120cm in diameter (and only 30cm deep) so you might feel it's better on the floor but then again it will probably need some sort of fixing to prevent it from

Vintage Industrial Shelving

vintage industrial shelving from design vintage
  vintage industrial shelving from design vintage   I don't know about you but I have several dream kitchens. The one I currently own is definitely one of them. A few tweaks here and there - enough space for a slouchy sofa for example - and after that it's perfect. But I have another dream

Zinc Topped Furniture

vintage and zinc furniture from quirky interiors
vintage and zinc furniture from quirky interiors Now you know we like to mix it up a bit here at the Mad House, so after yesterday's ultra-modern customised Ikea kitchens, it's time for a little industrial vintage. Which, incidentally, I would totally put into a contemporary Ikea kitchen. I don't know why I'm saying "would"

Objects of Design #116: Vintage Chest of Drawers

vintage chest of drawers Sometimes it's just about changing one small thing to create a new thing that looks totally fresh. Take this chest of drawers. In the original brown wood, it would simply have looked old fashioned. Painted in the current fashion for pale greys or distressed whites it would have taken on a

Objects of Design #7: Pilo Metal Stool

rustic metal stool from nkuku Kitchens need stools. It's the room where people come together (and not just at parties) so there's always the need for an extra chair to perch on. Or for a small child to stand on so they can reach to stir their cake mix. Or  to pull up to the

Objects Of Design #329: Vintage Metal Trolley

vintage metal trolley from cox and cox I do love a trolley. It must be the hostess in me (apologies to all young readers who are now having to Google hostess trolley - we can wait for you to catch up ... ok? Done now? Although goodness me, I've just Googled it myself and it

Mad About . . . Lampshades

Someone once said that pendant lighting is like earrings for the home. When everything is painted and dressed with your furniture and possessions, it's time for the finishing touches. With that in mind, Mad About The House brings you lampshades. Not just for ceilings but for tables and tasklights too.   RACHEL POWELL VENEER SHADES

Eight Of The Best Vintage Shops

As recyling and being eco-aware become ever more fashionable, it has become quite the thing to furnish our houses with what used, rather sniffily, to be called "second-hand furniture". These days, it's positively bragging to admit that you found that shabby-chic chair languishing in a neighbour's skip, or that your wobbly stool used to belong

Eight Of The Best Salvage and Reclamation Yards

retrouvious one of the top salvage and reclamation yards in the UK
Back in the days when recycling was a dirty word, a few enterprising families started gathering other people’s building scraps and selling them on to like-minded individuals. These days it’s called architectural salvage and everyone’s at it. There's even an annual salvage fair at Knebworth and if you want to find truly original items for

Mad About . . . Industrial Chic The genteel Shabby Chic look that has been so popular in recent years has been rolled up in its faded floral bedspread and shoved into its pretty white painted cupboard by its brash young cousin Industrial Chic. Gone are those blowsy cabbage roses and delicately painted furniture and in its place is a harder,

All The Shops And Sites You Need To Know

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As a frequent contributor to The Independent's regular 50 Best features, I have been researching and discovering new places to shop for over ten years now. This directory aims to provide you with details of the ones that I think are the best. It will start off alphabetically because that is the easiest way to compile