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vintage and zinc furniture from quirky interiors
vintage and zinc furniture from quirky interiors

Now you know we like to mix it up a bit here at the Mad House, so after yesterday’s ultra-modern customised Ikea kitchens, it’s time for a little industrial vintage. Which, incidentally, I would totally put into a contemporary Ikea kitchen. I don’t know why I’m saying “would” since I have done just that but still, you get my point.

This company Quirky Interiors offers a mix of vintage furniture and zinc topped pieces. I’m very partial to a spot of zinc and they reckon theirs is the best. According to them: “Our zinc topped furniture has an even, aged patina that other manufacturers have tried but struggled to produce. We have perfected our methods of ageing the zinc so that it looks as if it has been weathered over a long period of time.”

There’s a whole range of zinc furniture that is made to measure as well as some great vintage pieces and they have a huge amount of stock. I could browse for ages. I just have. See what you think.

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  1. Hi Kate,

    Have a look at my site(if you like!) There is a pair of cast iron base deco tables with new zinc tops !
    Keep blogging -love it.


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