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Objects Of Design #329: Vintage Metal Trolley

23rd January 2013
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vintage metal trolley from cox and cox

vintage metal trolley from cox and cox

I do love a trolley. It must be the hostess in me (apologies to all young readers who are now having to Google hostess trolley – we can wait for you to catch up … ok? Done now? Although goodness me, I’ve just Googled it myself and it turns out they STILL exist. Who knew? I wonder how many they sell these days.) Anyway, trolleys. Love ’em. Specially this one.

Obviously it isn’t really vintage, which is sort of a shame because genuine vintage is always better than pretend vintage. But on the upside if it was genuinely vintage, it would cost twice as much and there would only be one which would mean that most of us wouldn’t get to own one so this way is best.

Vintage in inverted commas if you like. This one needs a little bit of assembly and it has an “industrial style number” on the top shelf, which may be a design detail too far, I’m not sure on that point. Unusually for me, I concede.

Anyway, a trolley – more stylish than a butcher’s block in a kitchen (when it comes to those vintage really is best). Useful in the bathroom – the wheels mean you can move it to the side of the bath loaded with a glass of wine, the radio and a pile of magazines when you have that long spa-style soak that you’re always promising yourself and never quite getting round to managing. Handy in a sitting room for magazines, more glasses of wine and even a lamp.

See, trolleys, hostess or not, turns out we all need them





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