Monday Inspiration: Six Rooms

internal black framed glass doors through to living room with soft neutral tones. by frank & faber
Last week a friend emailed to ask for advice about her knock-through sitting room. An idea which had seemed good at the time (two small children, too many small dark rooms) was proving irritating in the new lockdown life of 2020 with two adults and two larger children all at home all at the same

Five of the Best Soap Dishes

Well you just seemed like it might be useful. So I just thought I'd put it out there. UPATE: Do read through to the comments for links to soap leaves (brilliant when you're out and about and travelling) and floating soap as well as an organisation making environmentally friendly soap (plastic and paraben free)

Freestanding Bath

It's still the holidays so perhaps, now things have calmed down a bit, you can finally sink in to a bath for that relaxing soak you've been promising yourself all week if only you had the time. But you probably won't get round to it. I know I never do. I look at that beautiful

Objects of Design #177: Waterproof Bathroom Television

waterproof television for the bathroom Somehow there's barely enough time in the week to manage a normal bath instead of a quick shower so I don't know how putting a waterproof television in there would affect things but still, it's a fun idea to think about. watch while you wash This 22in version is from

Objects Of Design #332: Laundry Bag

see through laundry bag It looks like a brown paper bag but it's actually made from recycled water resistant plastic. It's a clever idea for a laundry bag as it enables you to see at a glance whether you've got enough for a full white wash or if the darker colours are winning out. But,

Objects Of Design #329: Vintage Metal Trolley

vintage metal trolley from cox and cox I do love a trolley. It must be the hostess in me (apologies to all young readers who are now having to Google hostess trolley - we can wait for you to catch up ... ok? Done now? Although goodness me, I've just Googled it myself and it

Objects Of Design #154: The Chemist’s Jar

Decoration for your bathroom It seems hard to imagine now but it wasn't all that long ago that if you wanted olive oil you had to buy it from the chemist as it wasn't regarded as a cooking ingredient. It was sold in tiny bottles and, as far as I can establish, was thought to

How To Create The Perfect Bathroom

Bathing has been fashionable since the 3rd century and yet, for some reason, most modern bathrooms are squeezed into the tiniest spot available, often without even a window to relieve the gloom, and the ensuing mould. Househunters will regularly rule out a possible purchase because the bathroom was so grotty, although countless surveys have found

Mad About . . . Metropolitan Line Luggage Racks

Remember the old days of the London Underground? Fusty smoke-filled carriages, soot in the air and, for those on the Metropolitan Line, the high-backed seats with the luggage racks above? The London Transport Museum has salvaged a few of those 1960s racks from decommissioned trains and they will be available to buy from March 2012.