365 Objects Of Design, In the Bathroom, Volume II

Objects of Design #177: Waterproof Bathroom Television

24th August 2013
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waterproof television for the bathroom

waterproof television for the bathroom

Somehow there’s barely enough time in the week to manage a normal bath instead of a quick shower so I don’t know how putting a waterproof television in there would affect things but still, it’s a fun idea to think about.


watch while you wash

This 22in version is from ProofVision, via Clippings  and costs £925 but that’s quite big and prices start at £469 for 15 ins.

create that hotel bathroom

create that hotel bathroom

You can install them outside, in swimming pools, on boats – anywhere that damp might be an issue. It would certainly help create that hotel feeling in a bathroom, which is the only time I ever watch television in the morning and, when it comes to the evening, if I’m going to watch a film I’d probably rather lie on the sofa than in a bath.

But what do you think?

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