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Mad About . . . Metropolitan Line Luggage Racks

8th February 2012

Remember the old days of the London Underground? Fusty smoke-filled carriages, soot in the air and, for those on the Metropolitan Line, the high-backed seats with the luggage racks above?

The London Transport Museum has salvaged a few of those 1960s racks from decommissioned trains and they will be available to buy from March 2012. Fully cleaned and restored they would be great in a hall for all those bits of junk that seem to pile up, or in the bathroom for towels.

They come in three sizes; small (44cm long by 32.5cm deep), medium (67cm x 32.5cm) and large (100cm x 32.5cm). Prices start at £120 for the small one and £250 for the largest.

Those vintage cinema chairs are rather fabulous too. I understand they were loaned to the museum for the shoot by the rather fabulous  Peanut Vendor, which sells all sorts of gorgeous retro objects (  but they’re not selling them. Try or www.reclaimed to find your own.

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