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Mad About . . . Metropolitan Line Luggage Racks

8th February 2012
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Remember the old days of the London Underground? Fusty smoke-filled carriages, soot in the air and, for those on the Metropolitan Line, the high-backed seats with the luggage racks above?

The London Transport Museum has salvaged a few of those 1960s racks from decommissioned trains and they will be available to buy from March 2012. Fully cleaned and restored they would be great in a hall for all those bits of junk that seem to pile up, or in the bathroom for towels.

They come in three sizes; small (44cm long by 32.5cm deep), medium (67cm x 32.5cm) and large (100cm x 32.5cm). Prices start at £120 for the small one and £250 for the largest.

Those vintage cinema chairs are rather fabulous too. I understand they were loaned to the museum for the shoot by the rather fabulous  Peanut Vendor, which sells all sorts of gorgeous retro objects (www.thepeanutvendor.co.uk)  but they’re not selling them. Try www.vintagecinemaseats.co.uk or www.reclaimed retro.com to find your own.


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