Liberty Fabric Patterned Carpet

Now listen because I am going to talk about something that is a little scary at first but, when you have got over the initial shock, is actually a lovely thing that you should all be thinking about. Are you ready? You know how much we all love those classic prints by Liberty - those

Help Me Choose A Stair Carpet

Deborah contacted MadAboutTheHouse to ask with help in choosing a new stair carpet. Q: We moved into our house nearly three years ago but with three small children, decoration was the last thing on our minds. Now that our youngest is nearly four, we are starting to think about replacing and renewing. I want to

The Art Of MIY: Make It Yourself

With the disposable income dwindling fast and the prospects of being able to afford a bigger house looking remote, the time has come to fall on your own resources to do up your house. It’s not all about putting up shelves and tangling with the plumbing though. Sometimes a little bit of MIY, or making

Mad About . . . Metropolitan Line Luggage Racks

Remember the old days of the London Underground? Fusty smoke-filled carriages, soot in the air and, for those on the Metropolitan Line, the high-backed seats with the luggage racks above? The London Transport Museum has salvaged a few of those 1960s racks from decommissioned trains and they will be available to buy from March 2012.

How To Make The Most Of Your Staircase

Most of us never think about the stairs beyond whether they are capable of getting us up to bed and back down again without collapsing. Usually dressed in a simple carpet that we hope won’t show the dirt, they are largely ignored in favour of the main rooms of the house despite being the principle