Objects Of Design #328: Giant Noticeboard

a giant noticeboard will help with clutter
a giant noticeboard will help with clutter: image from

Every office needs a noticeboard. As do most kitchens. And they’re pretty useful in kids’ rooms too. Now obviously, most noticeboards don’t look all neat and tidy like this one, well not if they’re doing their job properly anyway. If your desk is full of bits of paper and your kitchen worktops are going the same way then you need a board.

Cork is best for pinning things too. You can either buy a large one with a frame or, if you need a specific size, you can buy adhesive tiles and stick them directly to the wall.

Now, apparently, cork is a big trend prediction for 2013 (here are some of the others) along with bamboo and other natural materials, so you can leave it natural or, if like me, you feel it’s a little bit too, well, brown,  then how about painting it?

You need to make sure that it hasn’t been waxed or the paint won’t stick, most of them haven’t, and then a spray paint is the easiest way to do it. It will soak up a fairly massive amount of paint though so be prepared to do a few coats. It might also be worth spraying a sealant over the top so that the paint doesn’t rub or flake off.

Then away you go. One desk. Decluttered.



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