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Home Office Makeover Part I

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I wanted to show you the first stage of the home office makeover because I have been talking about it for a long time and while it's broadly finished I am waiting for some blinds and also for the gloss paint to fully cure which means I can't put anything on the shelves but I

A Home Office for Life

I am delighted to tell you that this year I am collaborating with USM, a Swiss company that makes modular furniture which has become a design classic. We first met over a year ago to discuss working together as I am a huge fan of the brand and, as you know, I love learning about,

How We Live and Work Now

home office designed by @home_at_brookes and built by @createescapeshome office designed by @home_at_brookes and built by @createescapes
The last six months have dramatically altered how we live. Aside from the Government’s advice, neatly summed up by Matt Lucas as Go to work. Don’t go to work, it seems that many of those who can work from home are doing so and a survey in September found that 30 per cent of adults

My Home Office Plans

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After the 10th conversation about what I would do to the kitchen if we had the money and the justification for doing so, I heard the Mad Husband say to a friend: "She's got that look in her eye. I know that look. She needs to decorate something." Turns out I have a recognisable decorating

How to Choose the Perfect Desk

As we slog on through this lockdown amid what is clearly some of the most unclear advice I have ever come across I shall try to keep this blog a haven of clarity and sensible information when it comes to your homes. Over the last couple of months I have written about how to work

10 Ways to Work from Home

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Now I sense this is a subject we will be returning to over the new few weeks but for now I wanted to share a few things that have helped me work from home over the last 20 years with babies, toddlers and now teenagers. Sometimes I had a dedicated space and often I didn't.

Steel Desk

I spent years wanting a vintage steel desk. For a long time there was one in the window of our local antique/retro/junk shop but it cost around £1,800 and was way out of our budget. I think perhaps it was way out of anyone else's too as it was there for such a long time.

Mad About … Loft Style

dream loft space image by Philip Karlberg, for Swedish Elle Interiör.
Well here we are again. It's December already and this year I have decided to make it about the best of the Mad House. This is partly because everyone's too busy to read blogs at the moment and partly because I was looking up an old post the other day and I thought: there's a

A Desk for a Home Office

So now that both children are at secondary school and I am determined to reorganise the spareroom so that it works as a home office for me (as well as him) the issue of finding a good desk seems ever more pressing. On a trip to John Lewis to buy school shoes last week (now

A Desk byAlex

A desk byAlex from occa-home
A desk byAlex Inspired by the clean straight lines of the modernist period, A Desk is the latest piece from the studio of Alex Swain, whose earlier creation, A Stool, has been featured on these pages before and hailed as a contemporary classic by The Guardian. tilting desk byAlex available from occa-home Both pieces owe

Objects Of Design #330: Clark Desk

the Clark Desk from Llot Llov Made by a Berlin cabinetmaker, this desk has been designed to be like a small office in its own right. It has been created so that you can stack everything in pockets and boxes and yet it is all open and within reach. According to the maker's website: "The

Objects Of Design #328: Giant Noticeboard

a giant noticeboard will help with clutter: image from Every office needs a noticeboard. As do most kitchens. And they're pretty useful in kids' rooms too. Now obviously, most noticeboards don't look all neat and tidy like this one, well not if they're doing their job properly anyway. If your desk is full of