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Objects Of Design #330: Clark Desk

24th January 2013
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The Clark Desk from Llot Llov

the Clark Desk from Llot Llov

Made by a Berlin cabinetmaker, this desk has been designed to be like a small office in its own right. It has been created so that you can stack everything in pockets and boxes and yet it is all open and within reach.

According to the maker’s website: “The areas for stationery are grouped around the desk. To the left there is a deep case which can hold big stacks. The case is open and slightly tilted towards the desk. To the rear there is a case attached to the workspace which holds box files. The files sink completely into the case but can be reached easily through the opening at the back. The shallow mould at the back is suitable for smaller stacks.”

everything stays within reach

everything stays within reach

This may just be my perfect desk. I can imagine sweeping all the clutter off the top into the pocket at the side giving you an instantly clear space to work in. I also rather like the fact that it’s been stacked in a slightly haphazard way at the end – it’s more realistic that way.

Llot Llov is a team of four designers who work in Berlin. Their designs are often playful but always practical. Each desk is made to order and takes between six and eight weeks.

from €1,960



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