A Desk for a Home Office

So now that both children are at secondary school and I am determined to reorganise the spareroom so that it works as a home office for me (as well as him) the issue of finding a good desk seems ever more pressing.

desk by ebbe gehl at john lewis

On a trip to John Lewis to buy school shoes last week (now that really is the seventh circle of hell, Dante never had to deal with that) No1 son and I spotted a desk that we both really liked. Unfortunately at £1,500 it may have to remain in the shop for the foreseeable future as it’s not big enough to share so we can’t even justify the price that way.

john lewis desk

Meanwhile, No2 son has also now started secondary school and currently has a very small desk that will do for the time being. He was much exercised with hanging a noticeboard and arranging its single drawer last week. There is still nothing on the board and the contents of the drawer have been transferred to his school bag but it’s a start.

Mind you all this enforced organising resulted in the following conversation:

Me: I’ve bought you a new bin for your room.

Him: Oh right *makes whatever sign*

Two days later:

Him: I’ve tidied my room.

Me: *falls over*

Him: Yes, it’s this bin thing. Turns out it’s really easy to tidy because instead of dropping everything on the floor you can just put it in the bin…..

Clearly I had been failing to explain this properly FOR THE LAST TEN YEARS.

ebbe gehl desk for john lewis

Anyway moving on… desks. They’re not cheap but then again, if, like me, you sit at one for several hours a day, then it’s worth investing in something that you really like. And don’t forget that old trick that we all to justify the price of a new pair of shoes – the old cost per wear sums. On that basis the more you sit at it, the cheaper it gets and the more work you do the easier it will be to pay for it. I am the Queen of self-justification as you can see.

If you like this you can buy it here. It hasn’t been particularly well photographed so you might just have to trust me on this one. I love subtle shaping on the edges and the pop up flap at the back – perfect for when I’m typing up interviews from notebooks – as well as the drawers which can hide all the cables from chargers and desk lights.

What do you think? Have any of you seen a great desk you like?

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  1. Thank you Katie. I read your posts every day and them thought provoking and useful (and funny!).

    I’m looking for a desk too but for a project I’m working on, converting a St. Paul’s church, Battersea into four high-end flats and designing a new build four bedroom house on the adjoining site which contained the derelict church hall.

    Totally agree with you about size but that’s why I look at dining tables : every imaginable style, but bigger and all the ‘vintage’ ones are inexpensive. I think size is of the essence, at least the bigger then better I think, but then I have A1 plans to look at all day long. Old kitchen tables often have cutlery drawers if you like to put things away but my preference is for organised storage elsewhere in the room – files, stationery, samples etc as best befits the need. Happy hunting and thank you so much for your daily posts.

  2. What a lovely story to wake up to. My eldest son started secondary school yesterday too so we have been going through the same organisation shinanigans! I haven’t ever bothered with a bin in his room, but will definitely have a go after reading this 🙂

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