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3rd February 2014
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As many of you will know, I’m not the most technologically savvy person around. In many ways it is nothing short of a miracle (and a testament to the genius of Google) that this blog even exists. Anyway, during a meeting at my agent’s office last week (I know, I may never get tired of saying that), it was suggested that Mad find itself a place on Bloglovin’.

grey kitchen norway

grey kitchen from stylizmo

I reacted with some scepticism – that missing ‘g’ was quite upsetting – but agreed to investigate. I am an obedient sort of chap, at least when it comes to technology, and I was being told to do this by a young person. With glasses. And an American accent, whose dog, Jack, is a Hurricane Katrina survivor. Exactly, how can you not take someone like that seriously?

scandi dining room

this Norwegian apartment was found by the blog Stylizmo via bloglovin

So I signed up (I’m not entirely sure I’ve done it right but still) and, in addition to putting Mad on there, I have been browsing about to find other blogs. Turns out that this site is a way of gathering all the blogs you like into one single feed so you can see what updates and when.

wooden hallway from my ideal home via bloglovin

wooden hallway from my ideal home via bloglovin

Apologies to all of you who already know this – you can skip the words and look at the pictures. Because that, people, is really what this post is about. A little trip round Bloglovin’ to share with you some gorgeous pictures for a Monday morning.

scandi grey and white bedroom

grey and white bedroom from Daily Dream Decor via bloglovin

These are just some of the blogs I have decided to follow and you might too if you don’t already know them. And, of course, if you want to add mine to the list then there’s a logo up to the right somewhere.

monochrome living room via my ideal home

monochrome living room via my ideal home

You just sign up and you can group the blogs you like into categories so that you don’t have to muddle interiors with food or showjumping with wedding planning.



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