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Inuk Design from Greenland

14th April 2014
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When I started this blog I wanted to show you products and designs that you might not otherwise find yourselves. I also wanted to help the smaller designers and manufacturers reach a wider audience so they might increase sales and you might be able to find those individual pieces that give your home its personality.

Today, I am hoping to bring those two elements together. Pictured above is Lis Stender, who I met on my recent trip to Iceland. A graphic designer, she told me she is the first product designer from Greenland. I loved her simple monochrome designs and I wanted to show them to you in the hope that any of you who run sites and shops in the UK might consider stocking her products.

Lis, who was born in Qasigiannguit in 1963 gave up her job as a graphic designer in 2001 to concentrate on her business.

“My inspiration comes from the Greenlandic culture and history: 1000 years ago in northern Greenland, the little human figures were hand-carved from driftwood that drifted up on beaches and along the coasts. The figures were used as amulets – the woman has the hammer head.

“My design – Inuk Design – is inspired by this story. Our culture with a touch of a modern spirit.
I call it a modern Greenlandic culture design. In the last hundred years we have had to change from a hunter culture to a modern community.

“All anyone talks about is climate change and polar bears but I wanted to say we can design too. I am a pioneer.”

monochrome cushions from greenland

monochrome cushions from greenland

She also told introduced me to her son, Inuk, who is ten, and added that life is changing fast in Greenland. The polar bears now regularly come into the towns to hunt for food and the children can often no longer play outside after school.”

“In the capital we see polar bears now. They are coming because of climate change. In the last three years they have come. Hunters keep a look out for them.”

The little figure above represents a polar bear as apparently they always have two cubs. In addition to the cushions, Lis also produces blackboards, bedding and, my favourite, the plates and cups.

I hope you like them and if any of you want to talk to Lis about stocking her work then do get in touch. You can either email me on kate at madaboutthehouse dot com or go directly through her website. I know she would be thrilled to hear from you.


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