Z1 Cotton Lamp Pendant

Styling by Katrine Candice Kong, photography by Francois Kong for bodieandfou It's taken me a while to make my mind up about these pendant lamps, but suddenly, now that the summer is here, they feel perfect for the long summer days. Designed by Chilean Creative Director Nelson Sepulveda for Ay Illuminate, the Z1 pendant lamp is a celebration of local handicraft crafts and skills from different

Inuk Design from Greenland

inuk design greenland
inuk design greenland When I started this blog I wanted to show you products and designs that you might not otherwise find yourselves. I also wanted to help the smaller designers and manufacturers reach a wider audience so they might increase sales and you might be able to find those individual pieces that give your

Objects Of Design #361: Felted Rug

Fairtrade felted rugs These rugs are so pretty and just the thing to warm cold toes by the side of the bed, or anywhere you fancy for that matter. As they're made from felt, you could even put them by the side of the bath for wet feet. The uneven edges are a sign that

Objects Of Design #355: Ella Doran Rugs

Geo carved rug by Ella Doran for Woven Ground British designer Ella Doran has teamed up with Woven Ground to produce a new range of stunning rugs. The design of this one above is based on her photographs of architectural wall panels.Each one is hand tufted and made from 100 per cent New Zealand wool.

Objects Of Design #343: Stacking Concrete Pots

sleek concrete desktop storage I just love these concrete stacking pots from new company Between Dog and Wolf, which was set up last year. It's from the French: entre chien et loup, a phrase often used to describe the passage of time from dusk to night. It's the space in which day and night co-exist

Deryn Relph: Textile Designer

  Five years ago Deryn Relph was wearing a lab coat and testing waste water for the environment agency. Now her designs have been featured in Elle Deco and Vogue and she spends her time creating her beautiful textiles in a log cabin at the bottom of her garden. As a teenager in the 80s,