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Objects Of Design #355: Ella Doran Rugs

18th February 2013
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Geo carved rug by Ella Doran for Woven Ground

Geo carved rug by Ella Doran for Woven Ground

British designer Ella Doran has teamed up with Woven Ground to produce a new range of stunning rugs. The design of this one above is based on her photographs of architectural wall panels.Each one is hand tufted and made from 100 per cent New Zealand wool.

Another of Ella Doran's rugs for Woven Ground

Another of Ella Doran’s rugs for Woven Ground

In another collaboration, Ella has produced a new range of natural flooring using only ecologically produced fibres from sustainable sources.

Natural Hyacinth, Kesav, Rati, Makai and Okra fibres are some of the softest, smoothest underfoot fibres of
all natural floor coverings as well as some of the strongest and most durable. The company claims that they  are also easy to clean, unlike sisal which stains easily or grass reed which needs watering.

The Naturals Collection is available in 15 colours, including new to the market brights such as rose, teal
and lily. Prices start from £699 (120x180cm).

Geo costs around £1,400

Woven Ground 

Ella Doran






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