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Picnic with Plumo

15th April 2014
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wooden plates and bee tablecloth from Plumo

wooden plates and bee tablecloth from Plumo

There’s no going back now. I have unpacked the deck chairs and cleaned them off. Never mind that I was wearing thick sweater while I was doing it, the sun was out, the sky was clear and I have banished winter from my garden.

All this lovely weather makes me want to eat outside. I want to float around the garden picking flowers for my rustic table and eating crusty bread with ham and olives while sipping chilled red wine from a tumbler. The fact that I have no table, never mind a rustic one, is irrelevant.

In fact my garden furniture is somewhat lacking altogether. This year I plan to remedy that. There will be loungers and tables, an outdoor rug and some cushions. Oh and perhaps even (steady on) a few plants.

eat outdoors by plumo

eat outdoors by plumo

There will also be some of these gorgeous wooden plates from Plumo and perhaps a jug or a cushion in that gorgeous sea green colour above.


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