365 Objects Of Design, Fine Dining

Objects of Design #123: Alessi Fat Tray

1st July 2012
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Fine Dining? Or Posh Picnicking?

The word “fat” has become rather demonised in our society and for that reason alone, I love this tray. For it is, basically, exactly what it says. Load up the bamboo box with the cutlery, glasses, plates and what have you and put the drinks and/or food on the top and simply carry to your eating spot of choice. A poolside terrace . . . a balcony garden . . . a sunny verandah.

The wood divider can move along the slots so that you can fit exactly what you need and hold it in place and it’s made from bamboo  – the current eco-friendly material of choice.

www.madeindesign.co.uk £79


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