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Objects Of Design #122: Grey Wally

30th June 2012
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Useful for all sorts of bits and bobs

I know, I know ridiculous name but hey it’s a good product so we’ll overlook that. Following the principle that if there’s no more floor space you have to go up, this is will fix on a hall, bedroom, landing wall and you can stuff all manner of things into its pocket. Probably wisest to treat the alphabet as decorative or the T (toys) will be overflowing and you’ll never put anything in the Z. Anyway, great for cuddly toys when they’re threatening to take over the whole bed, add a few books, pencils and paper and bingo, that room’s nearly tidy already. Or stick it in the office and use it as a place to store those bits of paper before you file them. The possibilities are endless. Well, nearly.

www.nordicelements.com £115

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