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365 Objects Of Design, Keeping Cosy

Objects Of Design #354: Lotte Cake/Cheese Dome

17th February 2013
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Feast yer eyes on that then! So firstly, what could be better for creating that cosy feeling and keeping the winter out than cake? Secondly, this will also work for cheese, which, with a little glass of something red, is also a wonderful treat. But thirdly, and therefore most importantly, it is my birthday. So…


365 Objects Of Design, Domestic Detox

Objects Of Design #333: Drawer Store

27th January 2013
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There’s no doubt that one of these is a very useful object, even a necessity for a cutlery drawer, but have you thought of buying a second one for that drawer of tat? I know you’ve got one. Everyone has. That drawer, perhaps in the kitchen table, or the second one down in the cabinets…


365 Objects Of Design, Fine Dining

Objects of Design #123: Alessi Fat Tray

1st July 2012
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The word “fat” has become rather demonised in our society and for that reason alone, I love this tray. For it is, basically, exactly what it says. Load up the bamboo box with the cutlery, glasses, plates and what have you and put the drinks and/or food on the top and simply carry to your…


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